A fresh Take on Classical Music

The Goldman Sisters have been touring the UK and abroad with performances of standard chamber music concerts as well as their music comedy shows. Their fresh take on music has seen them filling halls and delighting audiences throughout. Since their critically acclaimed show Piano Recital (Piano Not Included) was premiered at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2009 they have continued to create shows which are full of humour and are suitable for all ages, whether you have never attended a concert or are a seasoned concert goer.

The latest in their catalogue of hugely successful music shows are Musical Mystery Tour and Jesus was an Ashkenazi Jew, the Problem with ish and Other Stories, Inspired by our Lives in Music.

Jesus was an Ashkenazi Jew, The Problem with ish and Other Stories, Inspired by our Lives in Music

Over the years working as musicians, the Goldman Sisters have found themselves in some extraordinary situations. Some experiences have been hilarious and a few, downright absurd. Unforgettable performances, students, audiences and people they have encountered, provide inspiration for this show. Combining theatre, comedy and classical music everyone will recognise, the Goldman Sisters share some of these stories. Hear why Rosh Hashanah is the scariest day of the year, the perils of performing in a country town in the Australian outback and learn the irrefutable evidence that proves that Jesus was, in fact, Ashkenazi. Prepare to laugh, cry and even hear a traditional Shofar call, just like you did in your childhood. 

Musical Mystery Tour

Musical Mystery Tour is a show packed full of comedy, theatre and well-loved music that everyone will recognise. The Goldman Sisters take the audience on a musical journey of familiar classical music in a way which has never been heard (nor seen) before. It is packed full of laughter, tears and surprises and because the audience influences what happens, no two performances are the same!

Gee and Oue

Gee and Oue are characters created by Gavriella and Ortal Goldman. Their performances combine original stories with arrangements of well-known classical music, theatre and humour. They are suitable for all ages and are especially successful in introducing music to younger audiences.

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Some of what others have said about the Goldman Sisters...

MUSIC fans and COMEDY fans would LOVE this show’.

Nantwich News

‘a show which is sheer delight!’ 

Concert Buzz

‘Full of fun and good humour . . . I guarantee you that you will enjoy every moment, as did I!’ 

Broadway baby

‘We have never had so many positive comments from an audience before.’

Charlotte W., Oakham Castle Activity Manager

‘All my life I’ve avoided Classical Music and until today I didn’t know what I was Missing! Thank you Goldman Sisters!’

Rosalie M.  Kent

‘In all the years that I have been attending shows, I have never before heard such a vocal and enthusiastic audience as for the wonderful Goldman Sisters.’

W., Rutland

‘A most enjoyable and unexpected evening. Truly magnificent’

Mike G. Director, Ouse Valley Festival

‘We enjoyed it SO much, such a magical evening of music – it’s a long time since I’ve heard live music of such depth, harmony, etc. (I’ve just run out of adjectives to describe how beautiful it all was). I was just blown away with your performance, not to mention the mellowness of the horn – altogether a lovely evening. To be honest, my comments do not do the performance justice.’

Helen F., member of Trinity Methodist Church Concert Club

‘Superb performance - unique and captivating, drawing the listener in with each note!’

Anne F., Hemel Hempstead